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Rainbow Bridge
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RAVEN [11/27/2010-11/3/11] -- Raven was adopted just a few short months before her young life was ended too soon. After being adopted she developed some nervousness around strangers, so a trainer was brought in to help with her issues. This "trainer" thought the best method to deal with her "fright/flight/fight" reactions were to do off-lead training in an open area. Raven ran off, and was struck and killed by a car.

We are so very sorry to everyone involved in Raven's short life, (from her fosters to her adoptive family), that she was taken away in such a tragic manner. RIP beautiful girl, we hope your loss can be a lesson to others.

ROMEO est. birthday in 2006-10/25/10

Final good-byes were said to our handsome boy Romeo yesterday. The sadness and grief of losing such a wonderful bully has left a void that will not be filled. Romeo's fight these past several months was one of the bravest fights of all. He always had the happiest body wiggle for all of us and looked so forward to his afternoon patrols along his property perimeter at mid day. Even though some days he was in tremendous pain most times you would never even know it. Al and Linda were so totally taken by this foster boy that I knew he would somehow win their hearts and of course he did just that. I will always remember this handsome boy who was brought into our lives and also brought tremendous happiness and smiles every day of his life. Romey as his family called him was "a hell of a dog" as his dad Al had said to me more than once. And I always had to agree hands down. Rest easy now handsome heartbreaker Romey. Chase the deer and the squirrels and smell the wildflowers. Later my dear friend.

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