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Rainbow Bridge
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From Patch's mom and dad -- Good night my sweet Angel! You were my baby before I had babies and like a child, you will never be forgotten. You traveled the US with us as jobs changed and as our family grew. You experienced the swamps of Louisiana and the beaches and mountains of Hawaii. You were my running partner and my hiking buddy! You never strayed…always staying by my side. You loved to swim in the surf and chase your ball. And at night, you were always in the bed…snuggled up with your human siblings. You were a protector of the house, but always a lamb when it came to the kids. Patch…thank you for your unconditional love. - The Mohrs

"The Best"
God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered “Come to Me.” With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, gentle paws at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. -Author Unknown

"Paulie" Sept. 20, 2001 - Apr. 27, 2010

I said my final good-bye to my best boy Paulie yesterday after he lost his year-long battle for life. The one and only fight he ever had made him a champion my eyes. Everyone should be as fortunate as I to have had the pleasure of such a companion. Paulie taught me great life lessons about his much maligned breed - who I have devoted my life to caring for - and was the consummate good will ambassador for his breed. He knew how to truly enjoy his master’s company even though he had to share my attention with twenty plus dogs nearly every day of his life. My life was blessed with this "funny" looking bully who’s bowed front legs and mismatched ears made him even more endearing and beautiful to me. If every pit bull I rescue is even half the dog Paulie was the world would surely be a divine place. Many heartfelt thanks and much gratitude go out to Dr. Dennis Elmer, Dr. Eric Larsen and the superb staff of Advanced Veterinary Care Group for the expert care and compassion they extended to Paulie this past year. Their dedication in caring for Paulie allowed me another year of smiles and memories to hold dear. And I will not fail to mention the awesome love and care my dear colleagues Dr. Kirsten Issaacson, Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Jerry Holcomb, Tammy, Kristen, Michelle, and Autumn of Banfield the Pet Hospital gave to Paulie this past year. They too gave me the blessing of more quality time with him. I am forever grateful. You guys are awesome. Rest easy my dear friend. Until we meet again. Go ahead and bark your fool head off. Sincerely, Joanie Wazney, Co-Founder & Director of Operations The Buster Foundation Pit Bull Education and Rescue

Pepper - 5/19/10-10/22/10

Little baby girl Pepper was adopted a few months ago after a rough start to a life not nearly long enough. While she was growing little by little with so much love and attention from her Mom & Dad she was diagnosed with juvenile renal disease. For poor Pepper there was just not enough that could be done to ease her suffering. Pepper was loved by Nicole and J.D. every second they had her and we know she now runs and romps with her family of bullies at the bridge. Her short life had touched ours and she will remain always in our hearts. Run now with the big dogs little puppy girl. Your time here with us was not long enough. Until we meet each other again give all our other beloved bullies big puppy kisses.

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