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To Rescue and Responsibly re-home abandoned, neglected and
abused pit bull and pit bull mixed dogs.

Who We Are:
Buster Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and re-homing pit bulls and bully breed mixes. Through decades of cruelty, unethical breeding and irresponsible ownership, a once beloved family dog has now found itself the victim of discrimination and abuse, and a source of misdirected public fear.
 We believe that every dog is an individual, deserving of a loving home, proper care, and a fair shake, regardless of breed. We hope our efforts lead to a better educated and more compassionate public.

The Buster Foundation is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, and does not operate a shelter. All Buster dogs are cared for in foster homes by volunteers who commit their homes and free time to rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption efforts. We make every effort to have a volunteer respond to inquiries and questions within 72 hours. Please be patient and do try again to reach us if you have not received a response within this time frame.

We are always in need of:
Committed, loving foster families to care for, prepare and help our dogs find their forever homes. Dedicated volunteers with a positive outlook to help Buster get the word out, raise money to support our dogs and mission, and take care of the day to day tasks involved with running an animal rescue. AND..... Volunteers to help us toward our dream of a facility of our own where we can take in emergency rescues until a foster home can be found, where we can host training and awareness classes for our volunteers and the public.



We are in desperate need of foster caregivers who are experienced with dogs, and have the time and ability to work with a foster dog on socialization, household etiquette and leash manners.  We are looking for people who are responsible dog owners and who are realistic about the time and care foster dogs need.  Previous bully breed (or terrier) knowledge and experience is especially helpful, but we recognize that patience, good basic dog knowledge and a willingness to learn and help may be an option. 

The Buster Foundation will work to educate you about the special needs, if any, of your foster dog and provide guidance on creating a safe and enjoyable environment for your new foster and your existing family members.  Home fostering provides the lucky break our dogs need.  People are much more willing to consider adoption when a dog is being fostered in a home environment.  Most bully breed dogs are overlooked when in the shelter systems solely because of the unfair stigma attached to the breeds - much of which is driven by the media in their quest for "shock and awe" and higher ratings.

Many people debate fostering because they worry it will be difficult to give up the dog, or because they believe it will be "hard" on the dog.  While it is certainly an emotional struggle to see your foster be adopted in a loving forever home, there is no better feeling than seeing the happiness of a new family when they arrive to take home their new family member - your fostered dog.  To know you had a part in providing a forever home for this dog is extremely gratifying.

Without foster homes, we cannot save these wonderful, loving dogs.  Without foster homes, they would be euthanized in a high kill shelter, or languish in a no-kill shelter if they are "lucky".  A very small percentage of dogs are adopted each year from shelters and rescues, and for the bullies that percentage drops to a miniscule number.

If you believe you could provide a good foster home, please visit our "Fostering a Buster Dog" page HERE!


 To our many donors, supporters, friends and volunteers over the years....

Without your generous support, Buster would not be able to continue our mission. 
YOU are Buster's Heroes!



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