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Message From: Nancy September 18, 2017
My husband and I have just sent you a donation in memory of Bowser, the beloved dog of our daugher-in-law and son. He was a joyful, sweet boy who server as an amazing ambassador for the pitbull breed.

Message From: Valerie March 4, 2017
Hello everyone, I just found out about the Buster Foundation last weekend where I met Stella, Gemma, Missy and Buddy for the first time at Pet Supplies Plus. They stole my heart. Each of the dogs gave me kisses on my face. I would love to adopt Stella, but I can't take her where I live now. I would like to know where I can volunteer to walk the dogs? Every Pit Bull I've ever met has been very lovable and gentle with me. Thank you to everyone for opening your hearts and homes to these adorable dogs.

Message From: Beth May 3, 2016
Hello Everyone at the Buster Foundation! We just adopted Shortcake (now Scarlett) and she is such an amazing, loving, sweet addition to our family. She loves walks and snuggling. Basically, she is happy to be wherever we are. We are so in love with her! I just wanted to thank you for all that you do and give a very special thank you to Scarlett's foster parents. You all are amazing!!

Message From: Rachel December 15, 2014
Hi Buster Foundation! What a fan I am of Gemma, and I am so happy to see her as the featured dog. I met her several years ago online, then in person last year at the Novi pet fair. Thank you to Gemma's foster people for caring for this beautiful girl. I will own a Buster dog one day when my oldies are gone.

Message From: Michelle December 16, 2013
Hi Joanie, I came to your page to learn more about the Buster Foundation (I found one of your cards at a shelter I volunteer at in Muskegon, MI). I'm working on my own pit bull/BSL educational website in hopes that the general public can arm themselves with the TRUTH behind these amazing creatures. Your story about Tiger touched my heart and brought me to tears. I'd like to put some of your information in my "Adopt" section on my site, www.racismisthepits.org. Please let me know if you'd prefer I didn't, and I'll gladly take it down. Thank you for all that you do. -Michelle

Message From: Liz Belcher June 6, 2013
I've been learning more about the breed and I know more people who have these dogs as pets. They have kids and they are good with them.

Message From: Laura February 22, 2013
you do fantastic things ! i am in the fight and im very giving up

Message From: Sharon V August 9, 2012
You do wonderful things. Could you please update your website so we can get information about the Kalamazoo dogs? Not all of us are on Facebook. Thankyou

Message From: Tylermarie February 2, 2012
I am a junior in high school, and my aunt brought this page to my knowledge. I've been around the bully breed for years and I love them all, they're beautiful, smart, and wise, and we have to fight for them.

Message From: Melinda Frazier December 13, 2011
I don't see a facebook link for you. Do you have one? I posted Cleo's picture on my facebook page so my friends could see what a cutey she is

Message From: Norm May 1, 2011
I'm a convert to the pit bull breed like everything in our society, miss information by the Corporate owned media tainted my view of Pit Bulls I never wanted to be around them. Then one day a new puppy found me. Shortly after losing my Beagle and Lab of 15 years. I have a rescue pit. I've had Beauty since she was a puppy. Commitment, time and training has produced a loving pet. Keep up the Great work

Message From: jammie February 11, 2011
i love the pit bull breed they are an amazing breed

Message From: A. Lafata December 27, 2010
Thank you for all that you do for this breed! They need all the help they can get and people need to be educated on what great dogs they really are!

Message From: shannon September 29, 2010
ty so much for giving my dog daisy a good home ty again

Message From: Debra August 29, 2010
HELP every where I turn WAG has a story about a" pit bull attack" on another sheltered dog. with those headlines. this is an animal rescue group spreading this ignorance. Its on their web ,on their twitter ,and they link to the newspaper article. Which by the way never explains why the animal control officer had two unfamiliar dogs in a stressful pound situation near each other. Its Wag animal rescue and their partner downriver News Herald.

Message From: ashley mcgowan August 19, 2010
Please consider adopting and/or fostering a Buster Dog. This organization does more for bullies than you can imagine. When you adopt and/or foster a Pit Bull you are not only saving a dog...you are finding a lifetime friend someone that doesn't care how your day was at work or what you had for lunch! All they know is the person they love more than anything is home again and they are beyond thrilled to see you everytime! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CONSIDER A PIT BULL.

Message From: Kelli August 8, 2010
Hey, Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for the pitbulls =) I've been helpin get the word out about your adoptable dog's, i hope it pay's off =) So again, Thank you everyone who help's give these amazing dog's another chance!

Message From: kelly and daniel August 7, 2010
i just wanted to say that the buster foundation is a wonderful rescue. i have fostered for joanie in the passed and she and her volinteers are the kindest people i have ever met....i love you guys and keep up the good work

Message From: Evelyn Peters July 19, 2010
Thank you for the work you are doing. Public education about the bully breeds are key. Most people have no idea that these breeds are loving dogs and that a war hero was a pit bull. Keep up the fight.

Message From: Lori July 13, 2010
You are an amazing group of people. I adopted my pitty mix from your rescue in August 2002 and he remains my best friend and companion. Thank you so much for rescuing him!

Message From: DeAnn Bonnewell March 28, 2010
Thank You for all you do with the bully breeds. I would like to know how to go about educating people about the bully breeds.

Message From: phil lozier September 13, 2009
keep up the great work you do!!

Message From: Nick June 29, 2009
You guys are awesome!!

Message From: NATASHA May 11, 2009

Message From: Mona February 12, 2009
I rescued my 1st bully 2.5 years ago and she is the BEST!! Keep up the great work.